When Security Trumps Decency

Wow, just wow.
Strip searches at DC's National Airport conducted in public stairwell, videotaped.

So let's see, we've got illegal fully nude searches being conducted in a public stairwell, being videotaped? And the people that are responsible for these gross violations of people's rights have been fired, reprimanded, promoted or what? The article doesn't say but damn, this makes me want to get my pilot's license even more than ever. I want to get off the diseased teat that is the commercial airline industry. How soon before they start doing cavity checks and posting the videos to the internet?

And the worst part? You can't complain while its going on or they will assume you have something to hide. If any TSA employee told me to drop trou, I would demand a supervisor be present and I would lodge a very angry and vocal complaint.

Man, flying used to be fun. Now it well and truly sucks. From cramped seating to moron security agents who become drunk with their power to $5 half sandwiches being sold on the planes and $5 crappy headphones and all the other cost cutting measures that make it feel like you should be getting out and helping push the stupid plane into position for takeoff.

Now I hate flying. I hate nearly everything about it and cannot wait until I can pilot my family around by myself without having to be subjected to high school dropout moron security agents.

Via UnderReported, catching the stories that slip through the cracks, but shouldn't.