The Transitory Nature of Friendships

Curt and Court at the Bar
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Coming together at a certain time and in a certain space, people form friendships that hold together for a short or longer time before the pull of alternate orbits tears apart those relationships.

A couple of years ago, when this picture was taken, both Curt and Courteney were very good friends of mine. We saw each other almost everyday, partied together, played volleyball, skinny dipped (well, with Court, not Curt) and passed out with in a big jumble.

Fast forward a couple of years to now and Curt has moved back down south to be closer to his kids and Court has moved across town and into a more healthy living arrangement. I've moved out of town and down the highway a few exits.

I haven't spoken to Curt since just a couple of weeks before my wedding. And I run into Court every so often but its never quite what it was.

Not lamenting the passage of time and the loss of friendships, there are always new and interesting people to meet and get to know. And its not like the entire crew has dispersed. Many of them are still there and we get together for volleyball or poker or parties or whatever. Its not a bad thing, just something that looking at this picture makes me think of.

That and we used to spend entirely too much time in the two neighborhood bars.