The Right to Live is the Same as the Right to Die

Like everyone else, I've been inundated with the imagery and rhetoric surrounding the case of Terri Schiavo (I will presume that you know the details of the case, if not then try to get out from under your rock more often).

First off, asshole corrupt politicians should shut the fuck up and get back to fucking work (and no, that doesn't mean interrogating 'roided up baseball players). Tom DeLay moralizing about Terri Schiavo is beyond grotesque, its a mockery of morals and he should truly be ashamed of himself for trying to use her as a tool to win some sympathy and take the spotlight off his own corrupt dealings.

Secondly, the drama unfolding outside her hospital is ridiculous. Kids being arrested for trying to smuggle in a glass of water? Here's the thing, you could give her all the water in the world, you could cook a thousand course dinner for her and it still wouldn't amount to a pile of regurgitated beans. She's in a vegetative state, she's incapable of feeding herself, she has to be fed through a tube or she dies. The histrionics and extreme measures that people are going to in order to register their beliefs about her living or dying is ugly and myopic.

Where were all of these people five years ago? Ten years ago? Fifteen years ago when she first took ill?

Why all the hype now? Because its politically expedient, because now is a good time to use her case as a bludgeon. You're either for life and want her to live or you're a disgusting ass-fucking liberal terrorist sympathizer scumbag who thinks she should die as slowly and painfully as possible. At least that's the sentiment I've read from supporters of her right to life.

She has a right to life but "she" doesn't exist any longer. "She", Terri Schiavo, the wife, daughter, etc. ceased to exist 15 years ago. Her body is not Terri Schiavo. Her mind is where Terri Schiavo lived and her mind is gone. Terri is gone with it.

I'm not advocating letting her slowly starve to death even though the doctors say she can't suffer at all during the process. The emotional toll of watching a loved one wither away and die is awful and inhumane.

There is no good solution, there is only closure. It would be really nice if all of the people laying their own issues on this matter would really just shut the hell up (that means you too, you Christian Coalition dinkbags who think you can speak for people who aren't even a part of your faith). And Jeb Bush is trying to assume guardianship so he can force the feeding tube back in? Um yeah, work the media, Jeb, I'm sure this is really and truly a close personal issue for you that you feel you can blow as much of your political capital as possible to win the right to "save" her.

Let her body die. Its really the only closure that makes any sense.