The Paradox of the Fiz Box

So I dropped the Fiz Box guestbook link from the main page last week. And, since then, I've gotten three notices of new posts, all from dumbass fuckknob spammers who load up a post with hundreds of misformatted html links to sites that they apparently get paid for pushing traffic towards.

Only thing is, they're wasting their time. The guestbook isn't linked to the front page anymore and I'm the only one who will ever see it and I look at it solely to delete it.

Main reason I dropped the guestbook is that it was pretty much only getting used by idiots and assholes. And they've got plenty of other outlets for their lazy marketing efforts. So, hey, have it at, tards. I'll still go through and delete them but any efforts you waste are efforts you can't bug more people with your crappy links.