Kinetic Art in Canine Form

Nande's Leap Profile
Originally uploaded by Johnny Huh.
Nande is a beautiful dog. She's a creature of grace in motion and pleasure in that movement. Watching her run, goading her into the surf, throwing rocks into the brush, she is at her happiest when her heart is racing, her breath is fast and she has morning dew dripping from her chest.

This morning was quite alot like other mornings although the lighting was excellent. We start each weekday with a trip down to the slough where she gets some off leash time to chase rocks.

If other people come walking by, it is simplicity to have her sit and wait. She doesn't really pay any attention to them. She still believes that every dog on the face of the earth is her best friend and doesn't understand those dogs that growl at her or cower and shy away. But she wants to play with them all the same.

Watching her run, hearing her barks and seeing her come back with her unmistakable grin, makes getting up early well worth it.

And then I usually have to pick up a dookie bomb.