Scariest Moment Redux
Thanks to everyone for their concern and input. I spoke with my brother-in-law yesterday afternoon and he diagnosed it as a classic case of a vasovagal reaction. It is, essentially, a momentary shutdown of the body due to some unnecessary visual stimulation.

If anyone remembers the opening credits to the show, Quincy MD there's a med student who drops when Quincy unveils a dead guy, THAT's a vasovagal reaction.

It slows the heart down and also dilates blood vessels in your legs and that's what can cause the fainting or swoon or seizure because all the blood in the body is being directed to your legs instead of your head. Which explains the world closing up on me and the launching backwards with my legs.

It isn't the only possible outcome of the episode and I will be going to see my doctor this week to make sure there's nothing wrong with the functioning of my heart. So, until I've met with him, I think I'll be okay.

Thanks Dave! And thanks to you all for your concern.

Now that the serious stuff is out of the way, maybe I can get to this week's Cheddar X.

Some Links to Share
Jay sent over the link to the IO2 Technology Revolutionary Interactive Heliospace Free-Space Display which is really pretty damned cool. Think the holographic display of the Death Star in Star Wars but its not a hologram.

This second link is to the a truly bitching picture of the sun storm's that we had on Friday and is well worth a moment's peek, Sun's Bursts.

And the last is probably well known to most people as it was to me, I just don't know why I've never linked up to the Drudge Report, its a fine source of news.

SoYouWanna get a job in a consulting firm?

GM Names Car with Slang for Jacking Off in Quebec, by teenaged boys who can pretty much consider anything to be slang for masturbating. But hey, whatever, a car called the Lacrosse is just a stupid name in any case.

A link on Metafilter gave me the idea to search for the same kind of agency in my home town and I found the Affordable Housing-City of Santa Cruz Redevelopment Agency, basically, its super cheap houses for sale but they need loads and loads of work. Buy them for cheap, fix them up, live in them for five years and they're yours. I've just started exploring this but hey, if I can get a house in Santa Cruz for under a $100K then I am all over it!
This link just goes nicely with the other one, Find a Home - Property Listing. Same for this one, usdhome.html

Tired of pop ups and spyware shit on your computer? I sure as hell was with P's PC so I read this article, Ad-aware - Download.com - Free downloads, shareware, and more and am starting to fight back against the invasive cock suckers who think forcing their products on me is going to get them sales. If only they knew that it achieves the exact opposite and, while I note the products, I will never, ever buy any of them again. Nice advertising campaign, turn off your potential customers permanently! And another article, "Spyware" piggybacks on Napster rivals | CNET News.com.

Want to scare yourself? Then go and hit up the Drinkometer- How much Alcohol have you consumed?

A really cool concept and I'm not sure how it will bear out in reality, The Great Library of Amazonia. Basically, Amazon wants to have all the text from all its books searchable and viewable online. Think about that for just a moment, they're talking about a really quite tremendously monstrous library all of a sudden becoming virtually accessible. Pretty cool and amazing, I just don't know if it'll result in lawsuits, more sales or just easier research.