Sleep Warfare
P and I are battling. At night, in our sleep. The war is over bed space and bed covers. P is a turner who ratchets herself around all night long, pulling more and more of the covers to her side of the bed and off the side. Which means, I'm prone to waking up midway through the night without any covers at all. And an elbow or knee trying to force me off the bed.

How fun is it to wake up bare assed to the universe?
Um, not very. Especially when the main reason for being woken up is the delivery of some large and noisy equipment at the school across the street. I think it was about 3:30 this morning when the big old diesel truck pulled up. Yeah. That made things even more fun.

And I was given the opportunity to see how P works in the middle of the night. She had literally the entire comforter on her side of the bed, ninety percent of it on the floor and she's got a death grip on the remaining sliver. Its not an easy or simple task to pull it back over her though because she's gotten her legs involved and wrapped up in the bottom of it so that, in the pulling, she is woken up, startled and irritated.

But my ass is getting icy so she just has to deal with it. And how does she deal with it? A subconscious attack with her elbows, knees and other round but not soft parts. She will drive me across the bed before her splayed hard parts until I wake up, roll her over and point her weapons of massive sleep disruption the other way.

I can understand why people do move into seperate beds. Its so the bed hog can have their own bed to hog and I can get some sleep. But I know what would happen, she'd end up getting cold, getting into my bed and then stealing all the covers again.

So, basically, I need to come up with some way to deal with this. I now keep some extra blankets handy on my side of the bed so I can grab them but its bad for sleep to have to wake up, grab more covers and go back to sleep. Its not the best way to get rest. And I need my rest these days with late nights and work in the morning. I've considered tying her up but I don't think that'll work in the long term. We could get two smaller comforters and let her ball one up as she will but then I'm almost positive she'll take mine as well.

And I know she would just as soon I don't talk about this on the blog. But I need answers and hopefully someone out there has some for me. So far the best answer I've come up with is letting her sleep on the couch downstairs when she falls asleep there at night. But I like sleeping with her and don't want to give that up, I just want it to be more restful and less stressful.

I'm open to suggestions.