Who Says California Only Gets Earthquakes?

Crazy Quincy, CA Down Draft from ABC7News
The winds hit the town of Quincy, about 70 miles from Truckee at around dinnertime last night.
Trees twisted like straws and houses were smashed.
Trees fell on 12 homes, while another house had its roof blown off.
Two people suffered minor injuries. One man, whose home is not inhabitable, but still stands, is just thankful he's alive.
Wayne Behrens, Quincy resident: "I guess I was just lucky ... no story. I went to look out the door to see what all the wind and the noise and the dust was and that's about the time the tree came down."
Debra Decker, Quincy resident: "The wind was like being in a hurricane or tornado. You could just feel it. It was everywhere around you."
Meteorologists say the damage was caused by a microburst � a sudden, powerful blast of air.
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