Some Random Thoughts and Links

The college entrance cheating scandal is going to get worse before people move on to the next scandal. It isn't news that rich people abuse their positions, money and connections, it isn't news that mothers are crazy about being able to brag about which college their kid goes to, but it is kind of news that they are so brazen about simply bullying their way through life with their wallets.

And it is rather delicious to see Felicity Huffman's rah rah self-empowerment posts coming back to be shoved in her fraud face. Or Lori Laughlin's kid admitting she didn't care which college she went to. The lion's share of the blame rests on the mom's shoulders. I'm sure the dads are culpable too, same for the kids but, imo, the driving force behind the college entrance scandal is so that the soccer moms can brag to the other ones about their super duper amazing kids who really aren't all that super duper amazing (or at least not in the way that allows their vain moms to brag about).

Cutting through the sensationalist aspects of it, the cheaters are shallow creatures needing to accumulate brags to fend off their own insecurities.

Then there's this awful story about an off-duty cop driving way too fast and crashing his car into a car full of people and ending up killing a 1 year old child. Then it gets weird because the child's mother, who wasn't driving the car that got hit, was charged with negligent homicide for not tightening the child's car seat straps enough... Yeah.

In lighter news, my budding artist son and I are collaborating on a design project to make a cool 3d printable widget in Tinkercad. I am also more than a little addicted to these primitive build videos.
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