Not Sure Why I Keep This Site....

So, I just renewed my domain for another year and then noticed I haven't even actually posted anything here in almost a year.

Which makes me ask why I keep this site anymore?

With the impending euthanasia of G+, I think it makes a bit more sense to keep this blog alive as I have no new social media home to relocate to yet. I tried MeWe but it felt wrong and is, from other reports, a happy place for Nazis so that's a no. I'm on Pluspora but find the lack of an ability to block people to make it hard for me to invest time and energy there.

I've been tempted to repost my entire G+ over here as it is apparently somewhat easy to do but then I have to ask myself why. Don't get me wrong, I am upset that Google is killing off G+ as I will never use Facebook but is there a reason to repost years and years of posts from there over here? I'm not sure there is.

I have been tweeting quite a bit lately and expanded my reach there which has been mostly pretty positive with the occasional douchebag being douchey.

I will try to post over here more regularly and probably will, at least until a new social networking home becomes available.
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