Prepare for Dumpage

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I've got a bunch of open tabs with articles or stories I'm interested in reading so I'm just going to dump them all in here and read them when I get a chance. Two birds, one stone, a post AND I save the articles.

This first one is a profile of Tulsi Gabbard and how she maintains her poise while working for Hawaiians, The Woman in the Water.

Next up is XTC: Ten Feet Tall for some good music!

Then my friend, @GalifreyanJedi, wrote this article in response to an Australian saying we (progressives) should align with the alt-right. Um, no! Lefites, I Don't Think We Should Work with the Alt-Right.

I don't recall where this got posted from but it's worth a read, The Briefing by Arundhati Roy

Then there was this hideously ugly tweet by a racist candidate from Maine attacking Emma Gonzalez, one of the survivors of the shooting in Parkland. This is beyond the pale and totally unacceptable, Did a GOP Candidate Insult a Parkland Shooting Survivor on Twitter? One reaction to this ugliness is that Eryn Gilchrist, a local woman has registered to run against Gibson (who had been running an unopposed race until his gross tweet attacks). He needs to lose.

Facebook and Google are censoring us and here's how you can help.

Some non-politics as a palate cleanser, The Death of the DSLR Nears
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