The Best Changes Are the Ones You Don't Even Notice

Change is something we'd conditioned to rail against. At its most basic change represents impending death and doom. Change is entropy, change is chaos, change is change.

But sometimes change happens and we don't notice it, changes occur beneath the level of our consciousness and we're able to continue as if nothing's changed at all.

Change is the only constant there is. Nothing is ever the same from one instant to the next despite appearances to the contrary (which are really just our own flawed observations). The basic tenet of existence is that existence is a never-ending series of changes.

Learning to embrace change takes time and effort and practice but is worthwhile in the long term in the reward of lowered stress, easier adaptability, flexibility and capability.

I've made a few changes on the back end to the blog here. Hopefully they'll make no impact on readability or access. The changes sure did make it easier to manage my domain though and that's a welcome change.

What's changing in your sphere that you embrace? What changes do you dread?
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