Time to Drop Some Links

We got some unusually large surf this last weekend and Tradewinds HD captured some in some rather gorgeous HD.

Haley Viloria Contortion - need to have your mind messed with just by watching some one do yoga? Yeah, this'll do it.

Congratulations to Santa Cruz's Luke Rockhold for his dominating win over Chris Weidman this last weekend at UFC 194! Some highlights from the fight.

Here's Where Gun Laws Stand In Your State - this helps sort out what states to avoid like the gun plagued wastelands they are (oh hai, Texas and Floriduhhhhh). Careful though, this site may make you think we live in a giant beehive with their hexagon state shapes.

Walk Around the World at Verdenskortet - a Danish landscaping project that's global in scope but not global in scale. This is really kind of awesome!

Patriots' Tom Brady not in the mood to answer questions on Trump - Starting to see why so many people find Tom Brady to be a near complete asshole who just happens to be really good at football.

We may not be our associations but we definitely can and should be judged by who we choose to call friend. Calling a screaming fascist your friend ain't too fucking smart.

Samuel Bernier and Andreas Bhend Collaborate on the next next-level Ikea hack - they take two Frosta stools apart and use a 3D printer to make a few choice bits and voila, they end up with a rather slick looking kid's balance bike!

The 25 Most Florida Things that happened in Florida in 2015 - read these and weep from laughing so hard.

Feynman's Trick to Learn Anything Faster - famous physicist Richard Feynman has always kept a "Things I Don't Know" notebook and actively seeks to add to it while answering the things he's already written in it.

Verizon Exec in Charge of TV Services Admits She Cut the Cord - when you can't even keep your executives as customers, your business model is dying rapidly.

Instagram Husband - if you are one, run, if you know one, give him some running shoes and hold the door for him.

And, finally, a few of my own photos from the last couple of weeks
Google took a storm photo and applied some filters to it and dropped me a note about it. I like the effect it added to what was a wild, stormy day out on the coast.

 A quick snap of a surfer on his way out to test his mettle in the thumping winter swell from this last weekend. This is pretty much straight out of the camera without any cropping or filtering, kind of proud of that.

And this last shot was on a late afternoon walk along West Cliff, we'd just watched a SUPer catch a nice wave past us and I noticed how pretty the sky was above Cowells.
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