A Resharing Experiment from Google+

This morning's overlook photo, beautiful but pretty chilly.
I am active on Google Plus, there are lots of active there and I really like the community that's developed.

Because I share quite a bit over there every day, the blog over here feels forlorn and semi-abandoned. Until I can build out an IFTTT recipe to repost my G+ posts here, its a time consuming and labor intensive practice to re-share posts here.

But, for shits and giggles, I thought I'd give it a try today.

What I've posted so far today:
NoTubes - Tire Sealant, Path of Death Puncture Demo

Improved GWX Control Panel does an even better job at keeping Windows 10 off your PC - I hate Microsoft since they've decided that spying on users is okay. And they'll try to install software on your Win7 or, shudder, 8 machine to give them access now. I will not ever be upgrading to Win10 because I don't want Microsoft to be able to record my office or home for their own damned reasons. Not acceptable. Same reason why the Amazon Echo speaker will never be found in my house.

Ben Carson's "helper" guide...
A couple of posts from yesterday:
Kaleidoscope: See Things Differently (4K) - a pretty darned amazing and beautiful BMX video, yeah.

Ronda Rousey gets KO'ed Mortal Kombat style!
Will Ronda Rousey follow in Gina Carano's footsteps after violent KO loss?

And another MMA post (there were fights this weekend with utterly unexpected finishes, the gif to the right there is one of them).
UFC Quick Quote: Cain Velasquez claims champion and teammate Daniel Cormier has been 'hard to deal with' but this has to be taken with a grain of salt. Cain and DC are long time teammates and good friends. And, watching Cain talk, its clear he's having a little fun with his friend. I look forward to Cain rematching against Werdum and annihilating him. If all goes as expected, DC, Cain and Luke Rockhold will all be champions in their weight classes within a few months, these guys all train together at AKA in San Jose and Cain and Luke are local guys.
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