Link Round Up, Down and All Around!

Surf cam shot run through Flowing Photo iOS app.
Time to drop some links as it has been a little while since I've posted here.

First up will have to be some of my own content, I've recently started to standup paddleboard surf and posted a short video of a couple of rides mashed into one. Warning, it has been pointed out to me that my butt is the main character in this short clip.

16 Year Old Charged for Harassing Cyclists he was charged with six counts of attempted homicide and bunch of other stuff. This kid terrorized cyclists in the area he lived in and should face the maximum punishments he can get.

The age old question....Is Riding One of the World’s Biggest Waves on a Skimboard Freakin’ Rad or Just F*cking Stupid?

In news for the slow, stupid or those who live in Jenny-McCarthy-Isn't-a-Moron-land, No link between MMR and autism, major study concludes
This is Zeba, she is awesome!

It looks like a commode but is really a Modern Root Cellar, Electricity-free Groundfridge lets you store perishables without traditional refrigeration

This Imgur series of Drunk Andre the Giant Wrestling in Japan led me to this site discussing Andre the Giant: The Baddest Alcoholic of All-Time

And How to Stop on a Fixie from an Imgur discussion where a fixie guy swore he could stop in the same distance as a bike with regular brakes. He was wrong.

Some really shitty reasons to vote Republican.
Oh, and if you needed some reasons to cast your vote in the next election cycle for any of the Republican candidates, here's some solid reasoning to do so. Yes, tongue in cheek and done with a humorous bend but the underlying reality is still true.

A great quote I saw the other day makes it really simple. There are two kinds of Republicans: Millionaires and Suckers.

If you're not a millionaire and you voted for the GOP then you are a sucker.

Some more links to share:
The effects of taking sugar out of your diet
Police: Muslims threw Christians overboard during Med voyage
Religion Doesn't Make People More Moral, Study Finds
No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning
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