Public Service Advisory

Here's a thought to these loser assholes stopping by to leave rude comments on long dead posts.

Shove it in your backside.

I do not care in the least what your moronic opinion is of me, I will mark your idiotic comments as spam and  block your fucking IP.

Also, if you're going to attempt to insult someone via the written word, you should have more than a passing command of the language. Your insults are wholly ineffective when they make no sense because you are unaware of the purpose of a comma or period.

In summation, don't like what I post here? TOUGH FUCKING SHIT.

This is MY spot and I will post damned near whatever the motherfucking hell I want.

And yes, Facebook sucks ass and you're kind of a loser for STILL being on it, you are Mark Zuckerberg's cash machine and he likes ringing up your ass.
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