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I'm waiting for a server to come back up so I've got a few minutes to post some stuff up here again. I know, twice in a month? What is this? 2003?

First up is this rather amazingly awesome Shipping container orphanage in South Africa. Twenty eight "worthless" shipping containers transformed into a very cool home for orphans!

The photo to the right is from the most recent edition of the Adventure Sports Journal and includes not one but two of my photos from last year's Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival! This year's festival is going to be on the 14th and 15th of April and should build on the ever more epic festivals from year's past.

This graphic passed through my G+ stream and blew it up! I reshared it but so did 33 others from the original post.

Look, I don't hate religion but I definitely hate it when people use their religious beliefs to act like assholes towards anyone.

And you think the Pope stepped down for anything other than a massive criminal scandal? Guess what? Pope Palpatine is probably going to get charged with sex crimes. Man of God indeed.

I don't hate religion but I do hate the assholes who lead virtually all religious groups as if they are some pious mouthpieces for God, they are not, they are crooked liars fleecing the gullible and stupid.

On to other news: We are entering the longest day off free zone in the school calendar. We have, as of right now, 29 days of school in a row without a break aside from the weekends. It will be a slog. Oh wait, I'm going to be taking a couple of days off in March so, uhhh, nevermind or something.

I've been adding new words to my Fictionarium if you're so inclined to read them.
And there's usually something going on over on my Walmart is Pure Evil blog too. But maybe don't visit if you're offended by the gratuitous use of the word FUCK in graphics, there's a powerful graphic posted right now that doesn't pull punches about what it means to actually shop at Walmart (hint, it ain't good). And I call Walmart, China Direct in my head now too.
And I still post to my What Not To Do blog as well if you're into reading cautionary tales about the idiotic ways that other people get arrested or killed.

And that ought to do it for now. We'll see what the week brings, it's all raining and cold and nasty today and I'm working a double so there's that. But at least everyone in my house is healthy again, no fun with everyone on antibiotics and feeling like total dookie!
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