Media Dump!

Haven't posted up here in a little while and thought I'd go through my G+ albums and repost images I've posted over there.

This first is a neat app on my iPhone called Photo Flow that lets you take a static image and "flow-isize" it. The term for these images is called a floto or flowto.

It works exceedingly quickly and well when used for water, fire, smoke or other similar movements.

Here's another made from a recent trip out to the beach.

The neat thing is the app makes it very, very easy to mobilize pixels. Just drag your finger and the movement starts, it is even keyed to how quickly you move your finger so you can make a really fast river if you so choose.

And how's about some ninja style dodgeball gif action too? Not mine but too awesome not to share.

More? You wish for more of this awesomeness?

I'll see what I can do. Because I'm a giver.
Capitola beach divided by river runoff.

Here's another shot from the beach trip a few weeks ago. I enjoyed watching nearly every person try to cross that log across the river and fall in. Except Graydon who walked back and forth again and again and did not fall in once.

Pilon Universe.
And, last addition to the post. How not to enter a parking garage with your bike on the roof of your car.

And that's all for now, folks. I could be encouraged to post here more often if there were some comments.
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