Tide Pool: Links

Fast AT-AT bicycle.
Maybe there is a way to automate this process that I want to create wherein all of my online commenting and interaction for a day or more is captured and republished here out of context but with links back. Does that sound odd?

I do quite a bit of online discussion on various forums and locations over the course of my day. Many of my comments are throwaways but there are some good keepers in the mix from time to time and it is just too difficult to remember every last place that I leave them.

An optical illusion, that bike doesn't go uphill.
I'll have to keep thinking about some way to make that happen without all the cutting and pasting tediousness.

But, in the meantime, how's about some cool links to keep you occupado?

Flying Water-propelled Bikes

How the cops pick their motorcycles

Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity

Franken-Bike Desert Survival? Build - some question as to the veracity of the background story of this wacky looking motorcycle built out of a broken down car

Starbucks to buy mugs made in Ohio instead of China

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