It struck me last night as I was locking up the house, securing things against those things that go bump in the night, that our life is so tenuous and fragile. That there could be any number of events that could knock the apple cart over and scatter our carefully arranged life. We are in a lucky place right now, I have a fairly stable job (no pink slip this year yet! woohoo!) that keeps us afloat and allows me time to work on the side to help out more, allows my wife time to tend to her hair salon and auction business, allows me to train and compete in the occasional mountain bike race or triathlon, allows us to plan weekend and summer camping trips with friends, family or alone.

We are definitely not in any position to be making waves. We are a paycheck or two away from the street really and that thought is both deeply sobering and rather motivating. Sobering because the only thing keeping us from losing our house and having to face drastic lifestyle changes is my job. It is our lifeline to the life we have and a lifeline to the life we are looking to create.

My idea and hope is to create other threads so that we aren't hanging by just the one. And I can see other threads slowly making their way towards us and us towards them. With the boys looking at full days of school in the fall, my wife will be able to work three full days a week at her salon. I am another year or so away from topping out at my current position, at which time I expect to either transition to another position or possibly even move back into the regular business world.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have that tether be nearly unbreakable rather than the frayed twine that most of us deal with. Unbreakable meaning that you come from money and are unlikely to ever have to make the hard decision about whether to pay your electric bill or feed your children (the thing that sucks is that the "right" decision is to pay the electric bill because, if you do get your power shut off, you will get hit with a ridiculous fee to have it turned back on but then your kids go to bed hungry and that truly, truly sucks). I know people with nearly unbreakable tethers, they can spin out there at high speed, take massive chances and never have to worry about being cut loose to fly off into the darkness. They come from money, they have money, they have anchors binding them into the world and can live a life that many only imagine about.

Of course they have their own share of troubles like whether to go to Switzerland over Christmas or the Caribbean or which model Porsche really "speaks" to them. You know, important stuff.
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