Long Weekends, Late Nights and Allergies, Allergies, Allergies

I have a mental note in my head to try and post life updates here more often. Not for anyone else in particular really, more for myself and for my kids to have at some nether point in their future when they might care to know what was going in back in the day.

Right now my kids don't much care about what happens in the world around them as long as they've got some Legos to play with, preferably Lego Star Wars but "plain" Legos will work too. In a pinch. And with some whining (or, as the much more delightfully spelled and pronounced, whinging).

It's just after 6 on Tuesday morning, I've been up since 5 already with a delightful bout of allergies that have been kicking the crap out of my mornings for the last several days now. We're supposed to be getting some rain soon and I'm sure that will help knock the pollen out of the air and allow my sinuses to take a break.

I'm not really complaining too much about my allergies because we had a pretty fun weekend nonetheless. Some good friends were in town for a visit, we had a good party, we played poker late into the night and then chatted even later (I went to bed at 4:30 in the morning yesterday). I also had one good hand at poker, the first one, where I had pocket aces, failed to capitalize when the time was right and then coasted along on crappy 2, 3 off suit hands the rest of the night.

But that was fine too. It was a good time seeing my friends again, talking shit, drinking and enjoying each other's company.

There were also some football games, the unbelievable Niners and Saints game on Saturday which seems so long ago now. UFC 142 in Rio with lots of insane finishes, one bad DQ and one champ charging into the crowd of his countrymen after another successfully defense of his belt. It was a great sports weekend. We've got another good weekend of football next weekend to determine who gets into the big game and we could be looking at a brother versus brother Super Bowl if the Niners and Ravens advance one more time.

I just wish I'd been able to get a decent night of sleep as I felt like a zombie most of yesterday and am likely to feel like that most of today if current stuffed headedness doesn't ease up.

But it's okay, the weekend was fun and memorable nonetheless!
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