Fun with Search Results

Yeah, I'm feeling a little fired up this morning. getting a rude email from a rude person I have to work somewhat with can do that. But it's all good, I was able to use the Rule of Rules to bring a polite and professional smackdown upon her grumpy old head. I'm sure she'll direct even more hate my way but when you're running at a 9.9 on the shooting daggers scale does .1 more really matter?

But it's all good, my boss has my back and I didn't overstep the rules, I just used them as a bludgeon to beat down someone who sucks the joy out of life in a ten foot circle around her like a soulless happy vacuum.

Anyway, I was looking at my site stats and these are the ten most used terms to arrive at Intellectual Poison. My witty (or stupid) comments are inline.

domo - arigato, motherfuckers!

rihanna beaten - I hope the people coming here for this are leaving knowing that any man or woman who beats their significant other is a piece of shit who should die (and no, I'm not joking, domestic violence is seriously not cool). I might update that post to include some information about shelters for battered women.

domo cut out - ooooh, I think I get it now.

domo kun cut out - ahhh, now it's all crystal and stuff. But here's the image you want anyway, because I'm awesome like that.

how to take off speck iphone 4 case - easily my greatest gift to the internet age.

domo kun - we've already done this one.

gina carano ass - I wish there were some Gina Carano ass here. Girl's smoking hot and can totally kick your ass (unless you're a 'roid popping/injecting shemale like Cyborg Santos). And yes, I know the post they came and found, its linked on the right under Popular Posts with that wicked picture of her on the cover of ESPN. Yeah, that one to the left. Oh yeah!

paris hilton leaked photos - she leaks her own photos and needs no assistance from me. Besides, she's not really especially interesting or attractive.

debra messing bikini - Mmmm, let me know if you do find some. I've always thought she was an extra-luminous hottie.

how to get a speck case off an iphone 4 - that reminds me, I need to fix this post as I'd swapped colors around to make it readable during the blackout yesterday.

So there you have it, the top ten recent search terms that brought far flung folks to my little corner of the internet. I'm sure they've changed by now, or maybe they haven't.
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