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Think SOPA's Evil or Just Stupid?
Today was an interesting one what with so much of the internet taking part in the SOPA/PIPA blackout. I took part in this little corner of the internet, not sure if anyone noticed but it made me feel better.

I also called and left a polite message for Senator Barbara Boxer urging her to reconsider her support for this legislation that was poorly considered, poorly written, over-broad and really, really dangerous. Last I heard, she was not one of the Senators or Congresspeople dropping their support.

I am still deeply saddened that one of the main supporters of this garbage is Senator Patrick Leahy from my home state of Vermont. Come on, dude, if you don't understand it then don't try to shut it all down or give the keys to the internet to the dinosaurs at the MPAA and RIAA. I expect and demand better of you. You are defending a nasty, noxious turd of legislation and you're still doubling down to defend it? Go meet with real people who live in the real world to get some real perspective on how really badly this is going to come back and bite you in your censorship loving ass. Seriously.

There's an enormous list of SOPA supporters to look through. Lots of familiar brands, all lined up to help destroy the internet. Sad. I'll be making a point of trying to not give these companies my money any longer whenever possible.

The action over on Google+ was hot and heavy with updates, reports, links, high fives and other goodness. I do wish there were an easier way to share content from within G+ but that sort of goes against the concept. And I'm pretty sure there are some Chrome extensions that will make it easier.

Yes, Virginia, you read that correctly. I have moved on from Firefox and am not using Chrome nearly exclusively. It's faster, loads up faster, is less prone to memory insanity and is as extensible as Firefox is. It took a few weeks before I stopped using Firefox but one day it just no longer made sense to keep two browsers open when one can easily swing it (that'd Chrome, Firefox chokes on too many things at once). Sometimes I'm sort of amazed at how much I embrace Google while scorning Microsoft but the reality is that the two companies are very, very different in how they approach the internet (Google wants more people online however it happens, Microsoft wants to charge every single person).

What else is new? My allergies are begging for the rains to finally start this week. They have been running overtime the last few days and made me pretty miserable until my meds got on top of them and beat my over-active mucus factories into a work stoppage.

One thing I'm slightly bummed about is that, when I blacked out the site for the day, I lost a bunch of widgets with some good data and links in them. Not sure how they weren't brought back when I uploaded my restoration files but oh well, if I can't remember what they were then were they really that good in the first place? I'm thinking no.

Plenty more on my mind but this'll do for now. Time for me to get to bed while the getting's good. Hoping to wake up to some wet weather that'll knock down all this excess pollen in the air. The downside to the rains starting is that mountain biking will have to wait until we hit another dry patch.
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