A California Kind of Sunday

There are moments, minutes and hours that, for me, pull together all of the various threads of my life and gather them into one neat bundle. After a busy Saturday with my boys including working on the deck, setting up the tent in the backyard and having a campfire complete with S'mores for the family, Sunday was a bit more low key to start with.

I did some shopping, got a really good deal on a laptop for my wife so she can be mobile. No, we couldn't really afford it but I figure its an investment as she'll be more capable of bringing in more money once school does start back up. Besides, now we can Skype and that's awesome. I also did a solo shopping trip to CostCo which is always ten times faster and nicer than trying to get it done with the boys, even more so when they are charged up and their Goofball modes are set to 11.

When I got back home, we lunched and then tried to figure out what we wanted to do with the rest of our Sunday. It was decided that a beach trip was in order and, quick as a flash, Sully was in his wetsuit and bouncing off the walls. We gathered our gear and headed out to our regular spot in Aptos, Hidden Beach. One really nice thing about this beach is that there's a playground on the way down to the beach so the kids get a quick stop and play in on the way down and back.

Hidden Beach is never crowded and yesterday was no exception. There were people out and about but the beach never feels too busy. I got to boogie board alot, Sully got to get rides in with me, Grady joined in some and the feeding frenzy of the bird swarm was kind of surreal to have happening so close by. It was a perfect end to the weekend!

The bird feeding frenzy was insane!
Not too long after we got to the beach there was a gigantic swarm of birds feeding on fish. I mean thousands and thousands of birds, all flying around, diving and eating. It was kind of crazy and at one point, the birds were about a hundred feet away from me too!
That's me, bashing that wave!

Sully rides in with me!

Poppa gets some cardio in, Sully gets a ride!

Silly games on the beach!

Grady rides in, I pretend to be Superman!
I did more boogie boarding yesterday than I have in years. My body is paying for it today but I am not bothered in the least by some sore muscles. It was well worth the fun for all of us!

Sully took to waiting until I was in the shallows and then would run and jump on my back to ride the rest of the way in!

This was the tiring part of my day, pulling a 40+ pound kid on a boogie board in the surf is damned tiring work but it was super fun to run and then swing him into the surf for big spray awesomeness!

Grady and Sully definitely get their sillies on when we go to the beach. Hearing them laughing so much just makes me happy all over!

Grady took a few rides in with me too but it was a bit tougher on him since he didn't have a wet suit on. No matter, he was still grinning from ear to ear and loving it!
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