California Camping FTW!

This is not falling with grace but it was fun!
We got back on Friday afternoon from a semi-impromptu camping trip to a place called Arroyo Seco near Greenfield, California. The place is 1.5 hours from our house which makes it pretty well in our backyard. But totally off the grid, no network connectivity whatsoever. Yes, Virginia, I was without internet access for nearly 48 consecutive hours and I did not disintegrate into a puddle of 1's and 0's.

The campground at Arroyo Seco is at an entrance to the Los Padres National Forest (basically the inland portion of the top of Big Sur). It is a rugged and beautiful country with steep hills, sharp and vertigo-inducing gorges, slightly chilly water, crayfish and a touch too many yellow jackets/hornets for my taste.

I took some notes, about the only thing the iPad was good for without any connection to the web, although Starchart was, as always, totally bitchin' to fire up and hold up over head. Seriously, if you have an iPad and access to a clear sky, get it. You'll ooh and ahh and it'll impress the heck out of people (if you're into that sort of thing).

Here are those iPad notes I mentioned above:
I wonder if cannibals prefer campers since they spend so much time in campfire smoke and might taste better?
Snoring in a campground should be ban worthy.
Camping with a "clean" freak is simultaneously hilarious and annoying.
Campfires are terribly inefficient users of wood and yet perfect at the same time.
I simply do not get the point of yellow jackets and hornets. They seem like a creation of a douchey and vengeful god (if you lean that way).
Bedtime while camping with little kids is sooooo easy.
There can be only one fire stoker at a time.
Cute girls instantly gain 1-2 points of hotness camping. Men, in general, lose 1-2 points of hotness while camping.

There are more photos to post, this one included here was taken by our campsite neighbors, Craig and Rochelle and their two boys, Charlie and Josh, who became fast friends with our two little boys. They played in the dirt for hours and hours together!

Update: More pics! Who cares about the words, here's a super cute pic of my boys, our campsite, some locals, the river and the gorge! 
My sun kissed hiking boys!

Locals checking us out.
The mighty Arroyo Seco River, looks mean, huh?
The gorge from the walk in.

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