Where Does The Time Go?

Today is the end of the second week of the summer school session. I'm halfway to being totally free and clear for the rest of the summer. And let me tell you, these four hour work days are HARD! No, not really. Yesterday I worked the Help line that was set up for district folks to call in with tech issues. I answered five calls in four hours.

But even with that low call incidence, the day ripped right by. I got in a decent workout after work with a swim which always helps me feel more settled and balanced out (though I'm rather irritated that the gym has now seen fit to literally lock up the kettlebells to keep non-Crossfit folks from using them. That's lame and kind of stupid but I'll just have to buy or make my own kettlebell to get those swings in (kettlebell swings are fantastic for strengthening your core).

Sunday is Graydon's 7th birthday. That, as all of the other birthdays have, blows my mind. To see how much of a little boy he's growing into, to have been with him every step of the way, to see his face split open into an ear to ear grin when he reads to me (we read Mo Willems "We Are In a Book" together last night, thanks Peter and India!). He's got his share of challenges and strengths and weaknesses but he's a wonderful little boy who's great fun to play with and has a very keen eye combined with a good sense of humor.

The summer months have been pretty nice mostly. The kids have been in swimming lessons as Grady is going to try racing in a kid's triathlon later this summer and will need to know how to swim to do so. I'm envisioning a fair bit of cajoling to keep him on track and trying to do the race but I'm also going to do my damnedest to support him without any expectations laid over top. He wants to do it because my wife and I have done and are doing triathlons and that's just plain awesome.

Of course, the flip side of it being Grady's birthday is that we're looking at another Fourth of July celebration that will almost certainly result in leaving Nande, our big ol' dog, freaked out all night long, hiding in the bathtub and shaking like a leaf in a hurricane. It is the one thing about this holiday that I hate, that she spends the whole night and many of the subsequent nights scared nearly out of her wits by the non-stop fireworks shot all over Watsonville.

And speaking of where the time goes, it is coming up on 9:30 and I need to get myself back out on the road and hitting up my sites to get their tech kicked back into more compliant functioning states!

I am trying to be more proactive in managing my time, anyone have a good resource to train myself in this or some insights? I'd love to have some cheat sheets!
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