Depressing Metrics

I was just exploring the new Blogger back end interface and was looking through my Stats pages. One of the links leads to a breakdown of the browser used to access this site. It is beyond depressing that 42% of you visiting this site are doing so via Internet Explorer.

Please. I implore you to replace that steaming pile of shit code with Firefox, Chrome or Opera or Safari or anything but Internet Explorer.

Why? Aside from the fact that IE sucks monkey balls when you aren't looking, better browsers are proactive in protecting you, they will warn you that a site you are attempting to visit is serving the site contents along with a side of injectable malware code that'll compromise your machine. IE? IE happily feeds you the viral package.

But its more than getting away from IE, its moving to something that's just plain better in every way. Firefox is nearly infinitely customizable via the use of extensions. Chrome is nearly unbreakable (but not totally) and it deals with webpages in a totally different way than IE.
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