Have Not Fallen Into a Crevasse

Nope, I'm still around. I'm tweeting quite regularly (and knocking some tweets into orbit with their extra special awesomeness, IMHO).

But I've also been on summer break this last week. Technically the week before doesn't count because it was an unpaid furlough week from work but you know what? My ass can't tell the difference between furlough time and summer break time. I'm sure my paycheck can but we'll worry about that one later.

The last few weeks have been much family time fun. Some rough patches with so much time at home with the whole house filled up with all four of us, the dog and the cat too. But it has mostly been a really nice time. I've been putting in a bunch of hours doing computer repair stuff which is nice, it pays well, expands my circle of clients and gets me out of the house.
My wife's been working some too but her work is patchier these days with more people going longer between haircuts to help save a little more. The boys have been in swim lessons the last few weeks which has been fun and they are rapidly improving their capabilities.

Which is good because Grady wants to try and do a kid triathlon later on this year! We need to get him reasonably good in the water before we can start to think about training for the run or bike (neither of which concerns me too much).

What else is happening these days? My brother turned 45, my mother turned 70, my cousin turned something like 48 or 49. We've gone to a few parties, we've spent alot of time at local parks, not enough time at the beach (the weather has been somewhat uncooperative with baking hot sunny days followed by today's overcast, foggy cold).

I start back to work next week for summer school but its a light workload and should be pretty low key for the most part. And the money will be rather handy as we've been forced to dump a chunk of cash into our Jetta and soon will have to do the same to the Escape. And we're still trying to put enough money aside for an end of summer trip to San Diego and Legoland (among other spots we want to visit, my wife used to live there and has memory lanes to traipse down).

There is always too much to do and not enough time management to get it done. If I had to point a finger at my one major weakness, it would be time management. Oh well, what can you do? I've also been putting a fair or unfair amount of thought into what's gotten me to where I am now, who I am now.

I won't launch into that exploration here but I might start writing it down soon. And, with some luck, I'll write it all down at once and be able to publish it instead of starting it, stopping it and then never being able to get back to it to finish.

Knowing how I fail isn't really half the battle though, I'm finding. Knowing is the easy part, changing it is the damned crazy ass hard part.
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