UFC 130 Predictions

I haven't done a fight prediction post in a while and, after looking over this weekend's UFC 130 card, I felt like getting one going. There are some very, very good fights coming up this weekend and I'm starting to get pumped for them! And I'll note, I don't think Rampage vs Hamill should be the main event. I'd have gone with Mir vs Nelson or, as one of my Twitter pals suggested, Alves vs Story.

Anyway, enough with the jibber jabber, let's get to the calls!

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Matt Hamill
Prediction: Hamill by TKO in Rd. 3
Reason: Depending on which Rampage shows up this could be a fairly easy fight for Hamill or a three round war. I've heard that Rampage is focused and training hard in camp but they always say that. The proof will be in how he goes about his business on Saturday night. I think Hamill wins this because he's younger, stronger, hungrier and still completely dedicated to mma. Rampage has half his mind on movie scripts and Hollywood booty and on how he's not making enough money in the UFC.
Result: Rampage by Yawn.

Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson
Prediction: Mir by TKO in Rd. 3
Reason: I'm not a Roy Nelson fan, yes, he's a good fighter but he's a pig to look at and seems to have some idea that he's Adonis. I think this fight is Mir's to lose, he's faster, stronger and should be able to pick Nelson apart with his striking.
Result: Mir outworks Nelson and his big fat gut.

Stefan Struve vs. Travis Browne
Prediction: Struve by Unanimous Decision
Result: Browne by Timmmmmbeeeeeeerrrrrrr. Struve loses by getting KTFO.

Jorge Santiago vs. Brian Stann
Prediction: Stann by TKO in Rd 1
Reason: Brian Stann is a man on a mission, he's an incredibly dedicated and talented fighter who is passionate about his military service and veterans. He's fighting on Memorial Day weekend and is going to come into this fight so amped up and ready I just don't see him losing. That said, my exposure to Santiago is minimal so perhaps Santiago has the skills and talent to neutralize Stann's blitzkrieg. Maybe but I doubt it.
Result: Stann by Nighty-night KO.

Thiago Alves vs. Rick Story
Prediction: Alves by Unanimous Decision
Result: Story writes his own ending.

Miguel Torres vs. Demetrious Johnson
Prediction: Torres by Unanimous Decision
Result: Johnson squeaks out the win. Get it? His nickname is Mighty Mouse, now do you get it?

Tim Boetsch vs. Kendall Grove
Prediction: Boetsch by TKO Rd. 2
Result: Boetsch by decision, should have been by KO.

Update: I missed most of the fights as I was at a birthday party but I did tune in for Mir/Nelson and Rampage/Hamill. Which was the worst part of the card and I was left with a kind of Meh feeling about the fights. I did get to see Brian Stann's KO over Santiago on the replays and that helped make up for things some.
I did not do well on my calls though, going a rather limp 3-4 which is kind of apropos since the Mir/Nelson fight was not very exciting (and seeing that nasty gut for three rounds was almost like torture). And then the Rampage vs Hamill fight was, to be honest, boring. Rampage is not a very dynamic and interesting fighter anymore, he's a charismatic personality but he's not much of a fight draw (not in my mind at least).
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