Social Media Breakups are Awkward

Recently I direct messaged someone (and note, I virtually never DM people) I'm connected with on Twitter, an old co-worker of mine, to see if there was any chance of summer work at the company she is with. A company run by another old co-worker of mine, by the way. See, I work in the school system and have summers off so I was trying to get some income during my summer break.

She responded that things slow down in the summer but she'd let me know if anything did come up.

And then she unfollowed me.

Which basically tells me that I stepped over some boundary by having the gall to ask her about work. Or maybe it was my drunken night of live tweeting my Montezuma's Revenge? Probably not, that was hilarious in the extreme. No, I did not really live tweet a night of diarrhea.

Mind you, this is someone I've known directly and through friends for close on 8 years or more. We're not good friends but we are, or were, friendly. But it would appear that that is no longer the case. Which is fine really, I just find the manner of social media breakups to be less than honest.

Less than honest? Yeah because she quite clearly lied about saying she'd let me know if anything came up. How? Was she going to send me a smoke signal? She pointedly said one thing and then went and did the opposite. You can't say you're going to keep someone in mind about something and then cut off all communication with them and expect the other person to believe you. I mean, really?

This is someone I will cross paths with in the near future and far future. I am working out how that interaction might go or not go. I'm rather tempted to say hello and then keep right on walking. She's made it clear I'm not worth her time therefore she's not worth my time.

I've already gone ahead and unfollowed her right back and am busily working through my social media networks to scrub her completely.

Could she have handled it better? Sure. She could have DM'ed me back and said "That's not something I care to discuss with you. I will be unfollowing you now." Which would have meant nothing but would have at least given some sense of closure. Instead there is a question mark. Why? And, by the time I do see her, I'll have stopped giving two shits about it either way.

I suppose, at the end of the day, this is pretty unimportant. Its just part of the nature of social media. That doesn't mean I have to like it though. Nor does it mean I have to take it lying down. I'm off to finish scrubbing.

Note: This post is being reposted since it appears that Blogger lost it the first time it went live. 
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