Mega New Words Ultra Blow Out with Turbos and Lasers! And a Kitten with an Eye Patch!

We've got a whole boatload of new words to get to. Some groaners (Rueben and Trumpathy) but also some superstars like Mewt and Urpa. And as always, these words will be cross-posted to my Fictionarium for posterity and because I enjoy cross-posting (don't judge me!). Like 'em? Leave a comment. Hate 'em? Leave a comment! Need directions? Leave a comment!

And now, let's get to wording it up in here!

Blaizzez faire - someone who doesn't care where they smoke (pot). Yes, I know laissez faire is spelled with more S's but it rolls better with the Z's

Mewt - a cat that won't meow

Embarrify - the act of embarrassing someone is embarrifying them

Urpa - urban sherpa

Rueben - a sandwich you regret eating

Whorror - a horrifying prostitute

Internlude - take a break from work to do an internship

Bitchycle - someone who keeps complaining even after getting on their bike

Monochromous - a monotonous one-sided

Ashean - ocean filled with ash

Ofiend - a regular and often fiend

Explanatino - a latino who explains himself (rare)

Opposuite - a suite on the opposite side of the hallway or a "mirror image" suite

Trampathy - sympathy or empathy for tramps

Trumpathy - sympathy for Donald Trump (curable via medication and/or lobotomy).

That's all he wrote for now, folks! Don't forget to tip your waitresses and wrap your rascals!

And, yes, here is a picture of a kitten with an eyepatch. The pirate hat is just a bonus because you've been good. Haven't you?
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