Things I Am, Officially, Over

Yep, its time for a kvetchy post about shit I'm tired of hearing, reading or otherwise learning about. Some might be elaborated on, some might need no explanation.

Justin Beiber - I understand that tween girls need somebody to heart-throb about but he's a plain looking little preachy Canuck who seems to think he's got a solid grip on everything about the world at the pathetically ignorant age of 17. Plus, he's got a penchant for really stupid looking haircuts that are almost certainly being emulated everywhere. I know there will always be vapid pop stars to idolize by throngs of girls with no taste but he's just an over-hyped and annoying punk kid who needs to go away.

American Idol - the show is like an old whore, stretched out, played out, lame and annoying. Or its like a raggedy old puppet being taped and glued back together for yet another performance. Yes, I know the local bad boy, James Durbin is ripping it up and making the show all about him and that's great and all but you'd have to literally pay me (and I'm not talking a buck or two) to watch the tripe that is American Idol. And only partially because I have an over-powering urge to punch Ryan Seacrest in the face everytime I see him.

Fox News - lying liars spreading lies reinforced with fake outrage, hysteria and FUD. I'd like to see Fox News sued for false advertising, they aren't a news channel, they are the propaganda wing of the Republican party.

Charlie Sheen - yes, it is human nature to rubber neck when driving past a car wreck. Charlie Sheen is self-destructing in real-time and lots of people have pulled up ringside seats to watch the show. Also, his hit show sucked and was incredibly unfunny unless you possess the sense of humor of a 14 year old boy who giggles when he says boobies. Update: It appears that CBS is going to come crawling back to Charlie after he beat the holy shit out of them. How pathetic and sad. I think I'll be adding Mr. Sheen, the younger, to my list of stars that I will not patronize in any way (yeah, he joins Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Andy Dick and Shia Lebouf on the Do Not Watch list).

Texas - let the fucking state secede already. They bring down the collective IQ of the nation. Texas sucks, swallows, burps it back up and swallows again. I could go on and on and on about the state by they know they suck (why else would they so loudly and regularly have to proclaim their awesomeness if they didn't?).

The Magic (Cursed?) Sink That Keeps Refilling Itself with Dirty Dishes - isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Then isn't doing the dishes a form of insanity? Yeah, I thought so.

Being poor - I'm tired of having to choose between getting my car fixed and paying my mortgage and bills. I'm tired of having to wait an extra month before I replace my worn out shoes. I'm tired of having to live where we live because we can't afford to move to someplace else. I'm tired of feeling like circumstance's bitch. We make a reasonable amount of money but we are being held down by debts, random (and yet unavoidable) expenses and trying to feed four people, a dog and a cat (I'm not counting the fish). I am almost ready to sell my soul, go back into the private sector and make some goddamned duckets.

The rain and wind - yes, Japan is still recovering from the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown and I'm not trying to diminish that in any way. But, that said, I'm ready for the rain to fall during the week and let us have a nice sunny weekend. It seems like a long, long time since I've been able to get out on the trails. And its not going to happen anytime soon with how saturated and wet the world is right now. I could see why living in Slickrock country would be appealing with the whole not having to worry about destroying the trails by riding them during/after a rain. Could be worse, yes, I know but I'm ready for the bad weather to go somewhere else and let us get back to enjoying the natural awesomeness that is the California central coast.

Cold sores - I don't get them very often but when they do they become pretty much the center of my universe. I got one last week, started my regimen of meds (lysine, Abreva, homeopathic remedies and trying to get to sleep earlier) and headed it off before it really became a nasty, nasty one. But its still been a major pain in the lip, makes me feel like Quasimodo and is now at the stage where the scab cracks open if/when I open my mouth and starts oozing blood (which is a nice change from the near constant slow ooze of pus). Fun, huh? No, not really.

And, just so we don't end this post on a sour, crabby note, how's about a couple of things that I'm loving or enjoying?

Spring Training - the Giants have put together the best spring training record in the majors. Yes, the games do not count but its nice to see them picking up right where they left off. Its also nice to see Pablo Sandoval scampering around like a little kid again with 40 pounds off since they won the World Series. His range at third base is outstanding and his natural athletic talents are being substantially bolstered by his exercise and diet. I am expecting a seriously monster year out of him. I'm very, very ready for the baseball season to get underway!

Jon Jones - if you're not a UFC/MMA fan then his name means nothing to you. But if you are then you know how astonishing Jonny "Bones" Jones rise has been. He has literally walked through most of his opponents, dominating men who are used to doing the dominating themselves. He has manhandled and out muscled incredibly strong and skilled fighters. At the tender age of 23 he was given a shot at the Light Heavyweight Championship of the UFC against Mauricio Rua. The fight took place on Saturday and it was less a fight and more a showcase of just how far ahead of everyone else Jones is, he put on an absolute clinic against the champ. He dominated Rua from the start until when Herb Dean stepped in between the fighters to end it as Rua had no answer for what Jones was bringing. It was an amazing fight and fans are already calling for a Jones vs. Anderson Silva superfight. I'd definitely be down for that action!
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