Staples Has Changed Their Warranty Policies

My new camera! Purty, ain't she?
I've long been a fan of Staples and their warranties on my digital cameras. The policy is not cheap but it provides a nearly iron clad protection against damage or outright destruction. The only thing it didn't cover was loss.

But, having just traded in my Canon SD790 IS today, I opted not to drop the extra large chunk of change on the warranty because it represents a tax of 30% on the cost of the camera. The camera is $200 and the warranty would have run another $60. And that's just not really worth it to me. Especially given the ever downward spiral of the prices of pocket cameras as the manufacturers try to hold on to some market share in the wake of smartphones ascendence as general carry camera. Don't believe me, check out the top camera being used on Flickr, its the iPhone, not a "real" camera.

If the camera had been $100 then the warranty would have represented a 60% tax on top. There's just way to make the math hold up. Under a $100 and the cost is $35 or, really, 35% or more.

Above $200 and the price of the warranty goes up even more to $100. Whoever put these policies together is either actively trying to discourage their use or hoping nobody notices the outrageous expense of them.

Or maybe they got tired of people like me making use of the policies as a means to upgrading my camera without having to shell out full price everytime.

Either way, the next camera I buy will almost certainly not be from Staples since their prices tend to be a bit higher than the market anyway and those prices were only mitigated by the utility of the warranty.

So, sorry Staples but you've priced yourself out of any future sales from me.

As an aside, the rest of their prices are also somewhere between 5% and 15% higher than other places. Sometimes an awful lot more.

I understand the need to make a buck but they've now lost my business and I expect other people will find other outlets to make their purchases from as well.

And don't worry, I'll probably be right back to the doom and gloom again tomorrow.
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