My Super Bowl Ad for Bud Light

In watching the Super Bowl and the advertisers wet dream of eyes not only watching but actively interested in the ads being played I came up with my own ad that should be made.

It would be for Bud Light and plays off their series of ads where guys do stupid things to steal Bud Light because it is such incredibly delicious beer. There are a bunch of ads in the series from the aliens offering Bud Light to the men to help keep their species alive to the guys drilling through the wall and refrigerator of the apartment next door to steal the Bud Light in the fridge. And many, many more.

So here's my concept for an ad that would have scored well last night and now Bud Light is gonna have to sit on this one for a while if they want to use it. And if they do want to use it then I'm expecting a check for $100,000 beforehand or I'll be suing for 100x that amount.

Opening Scene: The sideline of a football game with a player being carted off the field in great pain. The second he's out of view from his coach, he jumps up and runs into the locker room, grabs a Bud Light and begins to refresh himself.

Cut back to the field and another player is being helped off the field in what looks like terrible pain. He is helped to the locker room where he makes a miraculous recovery, grabs a Bud Light and toasts his "hurt" teammate.

This continues until there are just two people left on the sidelines. The head coach and the guy who walks around behind him ready to catch his headset when he flings it off in frustration.

Cut back to the now totally stuffed full locker room of "injured" players high fiving each other, drinking beer and playing cards or some other leisure time activity.

Cut to the coach heading into the locker room to see what's going on leaving the headset catching guy alone on the sidelines with the opposing team on the field scratching their heads.

Final cut to scene back in the locker room with the coach raising a bottle to his injured team just as the cheerleaders start filing in (all slinky and party style).

It might need a better ending but the meat and potatoes are there and it'd be a great ad even if it didn't make me want to drink Bud Light.
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