How Do You Hurt Yourself?

I appear to be making a run for the championship belt in how to hurt yourself in really stupid ways.

The first way I've recently caused damage to myself is by sitting on the roasting hot boards in the sauna without my towel (yes, I'm stupid sometimes) and branding the back of my leg not once but twice with the insanely hot exposed nail heads. These have since turned into blisters that have then since burst leaving angry skin exposed right where I sit. I get to grimace every single time I sit down right now.

The second way is even dumber and hurts more because its in an even more inconvenient place. While I was getting dressed to go to a party on Saturday I was checking in on how my boys were doing with their getting dressed. I was putting on my shirt and getting my arms through the sleeves as I walked into their room. My left elbow somehow got a big ol' head of steam in it and attacked the opened door on my way through. I slammed my elbow into the corner of the door, enough to break the skin open and make me hop around in agony. Its now just a bruised and lightly purpled reminder of my stupidity.

I've also got a bunch of random bruises on my legs which makes me wonder if I'm sleep kickboxing or something. But, on a positive note, my arms and hands and legs where scratchy plants usually grab me while mountain biking are not marked up at all, the consequence of weeks of rain and mudded out trails. But I'll get back to the trails soon enough! I have to otherwise I will go insane.

How do you hurt yourself in stupid ways?
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