Things I Don't Get or Teh Stoopid, It Burns!!1!!

He probably borrowed this car from a friend.
Another post of head scratching things that just don't make a whole lot of sense to me. I guess this post should be filed under Old Codger not get offa my lawn!

I do not understand.

- Non-millionaires who vote Republican. The GOP has made it clear that they couldn't care less about anyone who's not a millionaire. In fact, some of them actively hope all non-millionaires just drop dead.

- Real, live people voted for Michelle Bachmann? Not brain dead coma patients, people with pulses and everything elected this nincompoop to national office? And they still support her? Yeah, she's from the same state that elected Jesse "The Body" Ventura as governor but still, she's about five beers short of a six pack. How can you tell when she's lying? Easy, her mouth is moving.

- Jersey Shore. Its a show about stupid people with stupid nicknames with lots of "product" in their hair getting drunk, having sex and acting like morons? How utterly compelling.

- Websites requiring the use of Internet Explorer. Seriously? This is still an issue in 2011? How is this possible? The only reason that a website isn't fully accessible via any standards compliant browser is laziness or cheapness. Anything else is bullshit lip service. Firefox, Chrome and Opera are all demonstrably more stable and secure than IE and it galls me that I have to use IE regularly.

- The Kardashian sisters. Three bimbos with a collective IQ just barely nudging triple digits and enough makeup on at any given time to coat most of the eastern seaboard in concealer. I mean, really, who wears makeup to exercise but bimbos? That's just idiotic. But the sex tape one pulled in $25 million last year by being a "reality" star. 

- Why Gary Radnich still has a job on KNBR. Literally every single time I happen to turn on his show he is shouting at someone about something. He needs to go, he's awful and old and bitter and not entertaining. And he can take Ralph Barbeiri and his fellation style of interview and his limp little sign off "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly." Blech, so lame I want to reach through the radio and punch him in his over-stuffed face.

- Why the Santa Cruz area doesn't have at least one good radio station. The FM band is a wasteland of shitty Mexican stations playing what sounds like the same shitty song over and over again. The AM band has three stations worth anything, KNBR (because they broadcast Giants games), KGO (news and Len Tillum, hell yeah!) and KCBS (sort of like KGO but less so and more commute oriented). When I drive places, I switch between the three stations rapidly trying to find one that isn't playing Radnich or Barbeiri or a Sleeptrain commercial. KZSC on the FM band is the college station and occasionally has totally kickass music on but it is so much noise to signal that I rarely bother. 104.3 is The Hippo and has Alice Cooper as a DJ playing bad music nearly non-stop. And KPIG is way, way, WAY too much awful country music shit. How about just a regular rock radio station, Santa Cruz?

- People who send rude emails demanding responses. I'm sorry but my job title is not "Your Bitch" or "Your Punching Bag" and I can quite easily and quite happily find other people that need my assistance.

- Twitter bots. They seem like a lot of work for almost no payoff whatsoever. But maybe someone's automated the process and its simple to create multiple bots to @ reply in the hopes that some fish will take the bait. I'd guess that Twitter is looking at ways to cut down on these idiots from clogging up the system, at least I hope so.

- Idiot crime. I'm concurrently working on another post for What Not To Do about an idiot in San Jose shining his green laser into the faces of aircraft pilots flying near his house. This is the very definition of idiot crime. This mental midget was purposely endangering people's lives for a cheap laugh. But the last laugh is on him, he's going to get jail time for being an idiot. Here's hoping he gets some flesh lasers shined up his bum.

- How a dumb shit asshole like Paul Broun gets elected. This is the guy who was angrily tweeting during the State of the Union address, complaining about being forced to sit with the enemy (which made it oh so much harder to shout rudeness out, didn't it, beady eyes?). And then the jerkass has the temerity to go on news shows and spread more wrong information as if its truth. Seriously, I'm sure this guy is getting lots of attaboys from his asshole cohorts but he's doing nothing but drag the national debate into the muck. Go back to your welfare state and let the adults try to actually fix the nation's problems, Paul. Go back and polish up your guns.

Yeah, I could go on and on and on. But I've vented myself for now and its time to go outside and enjoy some of this magnificent weather we're having.  And the next post will be more of a glass half full than a brains all empty one, I promise.
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