New Word Thursday!

That's right, kids, its time for another explosion of new words. I don't think there's much of a theme to today's new words, aside from generalized awesomeness, of course. These will be cross-posted on my Fictionarium as well and maybe even to my Posterous which I rediscovered yesterday and am planning on using quite a bit more often as a posting mechanism.

And hey, let me know if any of these tickle your funny bone or make you say Hmmmmmmm.

Virtuaous - virtually virtuous, someone who plays nicely only but is a jerk in real life (yeah, I know its usually the other way around)

Oprahtality - hospitality, Oprah style with lots of Oooooooooo's and waving of the arms and looking under the chairs and such. Here's how it would go if one of Oprah's favorite things was bees and yes, looking at this makes me laugh out loud every single time!

Lousen - loosening up a louse

Cumpetent - able to ejaculate

Trystery - mystery tryst (think Mark Sanford disappearing out of the country to go sleep with his South American mistress)

Hispital - hospital for Hispanics

Denigh - not imminent

Vicktimized - anyone preyed upon by Michael Vick

Champanzee - the best chimpanzee ever

Fudoric - rhetoric designed to elicit FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt)

FUDing - intentionally sowing fear, uncertainty and doubt (see Palin, Sarah for relevant examples of FUDing)

Properganda - proper propaganda

My personal favorites for this go-round? Cumpeten and denigh. Now its time to get on to my UFC Fight Night for the Troops II predictions!
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