Life is Precious

In the span of just about 72 hours there were some significant events in both my immediate circle and in my circle of internet friends. Some of these events were wonderful and one has been heartbreaking.

Two sets of friends became engaged over the New Year. One couple's been together for a number of years and probably just got tired of getting asked when they were gonna get hitched. The other couple has a shorter "time served" but I think it was apparent pretty early on that they were moving in this direction. I couldn't be any happier for both couples unless the one couple makes the decision to stay on this coast and not move back to New England.

And some other good friends welcomed a brand new baby boy into the world. Not too many details as of yet and not even a name but he's healthy, his mom is healthy and the baby boy's big sister is looking forward to having someone to boss around.

And then on the other side of the coin, a long time friend and his wife were just over halfway through their pregnancy with twins when something caused her to go into labor. The twins, a tiny little boy and girl, were born 17 weeks early and given the slimmest of chances to survive. His little boy survived for just over two days before the myriad complications from such a premature birth overwhelmed his tiny systems and he passed on. I can only imagine the grief and sadness and, yes, anger in such a devastating and terrible loss. The little girl, for now, appears to be "making it". It is my deepest hope that she does for out of great pain and suffering can come the most exquisite beauty and joy. That and Ryan deserves some measure of peace.

Update: Ryan just tweeted to me that Zoey, the surviving twin sister, is doing well and might even be taken off the ventilator today. This is extremely great news!

There are plenty of other things going on these days, the first tottering steps of the new year. But I'll leave those for another post.

Life is precious. Life is fleeting and can end in the blink of an eye. Life can end even before its begun and still make an enormous impact on those around it. Life isn't fair nor does it pretend to be. Hold on to your loved ones, tell them that you love them, show them that you love them. Life is a precious gift that can be taken away too quickly.
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