Ultimate Challenge Update

The Ultimate Challenge is underway and I have already failed not once or twice but several times. It is incredibly difficult to get away from things that are Made in China. Like ridiculously difficult. I used to think High Fructose Corn Syrup was hard to get away from but it is simple compared to how ubiquitous Made in China products are.

But I am trying. I am aware and I am making an effort to seek alternatives whenever and where ever possible.

Made in China means dollars to human rights abusing Communist dictators who are very much bent on world domination.
Made in China means money leaving the US forever. It means supporting another country's people at the expense of my own. Made in China is simply untenable in the long run.

This idea of avoiding Made in China goods is not new. There's a book A Year Without "Made in China": One Family's True Life Adventure in the Global Economy and numerous websites dedicated to buying American.

But cutting out HFCS from our diets was absolute cake compared to how difficult it is to get off of the Made in China teat.

Next Ultimate Challenge post will include some Made in USA products that I already use and maybe some requests to find some domestically produced alternatives to Made in China stuff I have to use (I wonder how much more expensive a Made in USA iPhone would be?).

Want to join the challenge? It is as simple as leaving a comment and making the effort to keep more money in the US and send less of it to China.
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