New Word Monday!

My brain is still all fogged up from not enough sleep so let's take the easy way out and post some new words! Time for another blast of new words straight from my brain to yours. A couple of borrowed new words with attributions added to the mix this time around. And yes, of course, these will all make their way to the Fictionarium for long term storage.

Tribernation - the off season for triathletes (liberated from Lava Magazine).

Mantics - man antics.

Fantics - fan antics.

Rxcess - too many prescription pills.

Injest - joking while eating.

Celebrification - the making of celebrity even though the target's done nothing to earn it (see the Palins or Hiltons).

Smute - muted porn.

Shopeful - shopping for hope.

Canstruction - amazing structures made from canned goods (borrowed from @OurOcean).

Metaphor shower - being bombarded by metaphors.

Pumpular Mechanics - a magazine for hot mechanics.

Ironirock - ironic rock (Amy Winehouse's Rehab).
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