FUD You!

Fear , uncertainty and doubt are powerful tools when used by the unscrupulous. Fear can motivate one to hand over civil rights in a vain attempt to feel safe again. Uncertainty can be used to maintain a status quo that may be partially non-functional but preferable to what might come with change. And doubt is very powerful because it undermines the credibility of the target which makes it harder for them even defend themselves against the accusations.

There are people who live by the wanton use of FUD. There are media outlets that live, die and cry by FUD.

So it was with some interest that I read Fox News Make You Stupid/Ignorant this morning. Don't think it is just Fox News though, CNN and MSNBC didn't fare too much better in the 9 question survey. But the survey/poll concludes that Fox News viewers are significantly less well-informed than other news viewers, that is, Fox News is engaged in the intentional dissemination of false information as part of a larger plan to help prop up a Republican party that has strayed so far away from its values that it bears no resemblance to the party of Lincoln.

If you plant FUD, you will harvest ignorance. And if you watch Fox News then you are dumbing your own self down to the detriment of the nation. Rise up, cast off your ignorant shackles and educate yourself. The talking head assholes on Fox News are not concerned with trying to make the country better, they are concerned with making ratings by appealing to your fears because they know a fearful populace is a more easily manipulated populace.

FUD is the currency of the current Republican Partrty and its media entity, Fox News. They rely on keeping people scared to keep pushing the awful agenda of the GOP.
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