The Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich

I nearly lost what is left of my morning to a Twitter argument with an ardent supporter of the GOP's policy of fiscal douchebaggery (more money for the rich, no money for the poor, no school lunches for the poor, no extension of unemployment benefits for those lazy bastards, blah, blah, blah).

Rather than spend my day attempting to convince someone who's clearly not even open to a differing opinion, I thought I'd blog it up here instead.

Let's start with the basic premise.
The extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% of the country is like being smacked in the face for the millions of Americans stuck without a job and facing the ending of their only lifeline, the unemployment benefits. The Republicans are demanding the permanent extension of these cuts as their ransom for doing anything else in the government. They are literally holding our country hostage so that a percentage of people can get to pay less in taxes even though they have plenty of money already.

At the same time, these same asshat representatives are fighting tooth and nail against extending unemployment benefits as some sort of unearned and unneeded handout. The reality is that unemployment benefits barely provide enough to keep food on the table.

And the Republicans are demanding these benefits be fully funded before they'll even consider a vote on it while simultaneously pronouncing that the tax cuts for the rich will somehow pay for themselves in a magical conversion where you give millions and billions of dollars to some rich people who may or may not spend that money in the US.

Sorry but the Republican "logic" is despicable, wrong and, honestly, borders on traitorous behavior. More Americans would be better served, the economy would be better served (since the poor HAVE to spend the money they get) by taking all that Bush tax cut money and putting it towards improving everyone's standard of living, not just a bunch of rich assholes who don't need the damned money.

That this is being debated is insanity. That there are Republicans apologists arguing this is ridiculous. Any non-biased observer could plainly see the deep hypocrisy here. More money for the rich, none for the poor.

The Washington Post breaks down five myths (well four really because #4 seems like bullshit). My comments are inline where needed, all these myths are debunked more thoroughly on the link.

1. Extending the tax cuts would be a good way to stimulate the economy.
2. Allowing the high-income tax cuts to expire would hurt small businesses.
3. Making the tax cuts permanent will lead to long-term growth.
4. The Bush tax cuts are the main cause of the budget deficit. - No, the main cause of the deficit are his other policies, this is just a piece of it. Oh and the two wars, they aren't/weren't helping much.
5. Continuing the tax cuts won't doom the long-term fiscal picture; entitlements are the real problem.

It is simply wrong to say these Bush tax cuts are anything but a handout to the rich. Supporting them means you support making the rich richer. And, at the same time, you are casting millions and millions of Americans out into the cold to survive or die on their own because unemployment benefits are too expensive and MUST be fully funded first.

I cannot get my head around people who support the tax cuts while simultaneously denying basic subsistence benefits for people who are out of work and can't get a job (which is, it should be noted, yet another Bush legacy).

The country is moving in the wrong direction, it is moving away from equality for all and definitively moving towards equality for all that can afford to buy it. And that is a grotesque mockery of what the founding fathers envisioned for this country. They would be shocked and ashamed of how pitifully the Republicans are "leading" by digging in their heels like petulant school kids.
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