The Ultimate Challenge to Shame All Other Challenges

Drink HFCS (American) Coke and Get Fat.
My family has gone through a few rounds of challenges in an effort to arrive at a healthier, happier place. The first was to remove High Fructose Corn Syrup from our diets, it was difficult at first because that goopy poison is in an amazing array of products. But, in time, it has become pretty easy to avoid the nasty goo.

We've since added a gluten restriction to our diets to see if that could help our kids "level" out a bit. My wife and kids no longer eat foods with gluten in them. I did it for a couple of weeks to see if there was any noticeable effect on my physical, intellectual or emotional feelings. The only change I noticed was that I got alot more annoyed because eating a hamburger or hot dog was a colossal pain in the ass. And I missed being able to make a sandwich with not tiny over-priced bread. So I'm not gluten-free but most of my house is (even my friggin' dog gets gluten-free kibble that my wife swears has cut down on her gaseous emissions).

After the gluten went, we've been limiting our intake of dairy products to try and see if casein might be the culprit in making our kids into the wild animals they often become. Do you have any idea how hard it is to feed a picky eater when there's no cheese or bread allowed? Think rice, corn, rice, beans, rice, and more rice. It can be a struggle to get enough calories into my older son because he is so picky and so quick to hate on new foods.

And we're still struggling with these standing challenges. But hey, why not make life even more complicated and add in the mother of all challenges on top of it all?

No, not the Challenge to refuse anything from Wal-Mart (though I do that) though this new latest challenge is directly related to Wal-Mart's main supplier. Ready for it?

Just Say No to Made in China. Buy products made anywhere BUT China. When I see something is Made in China, I immediately wonder if it is lead-tainted or cadmium-tainted or whether it was put together by a child chained to his/her workstation or whether the worker was beaten that day for not assembling crap fast enough.

Made in China means more American dollars going into China that will never come out. Made in China means more money there means less money here. Make no mistake about it, China is NOT our friend, they are a country bent on the creation of low end goods they can ship to the US and reap massive profits because they can exploit their workers because they exist in a communist society.

Did you know that China ships goods over here in these enormous ships that go back to China absolutely empty? We sell them nothing, they sell us everything. How long do you think this kind of a relationship can last before the Chinese basically own us?

Made in China means we are directly supporting an extremely heavy-handed Communist regime that has no problems grinding individuals into dust under the wheels of communism if that's what is called for. Made in China means supporting a government that "milks" bears for bile in farms that make veal production in the US look like a kindergarten. Made in China means we are paying their way into the first world and ceding them our place as the world's super power. Think about that for a second.

On the celebration of American independence, the 4th of July, do you think all those fireworks rockets being shot up into the sky are made by Americans? Nope, every last one of those exploding rockets was made by a Chinese communist. worker being exploited by a government that cares not in the least for the individual, it is all about the collective.

I'm going to try and take a stand (on my Made in the USA New Balance running shoes) and reject Made in China as much as is humanly possible. Yes, my laptop I'm typing this on was Made Assembled in China, yes, my iPhone was Made in China. I'm not saying this will be easy nor will it be a complete boycott but I am saying that I am going to start trying much, much harder to avoid any and all products that are Made in China.

If I were more of an enterprising type, I'd open a store and call it NOT Made in China or Made Anywhere BUT China (Aside: But China sounds like dinnerware for your ass). It would be better to call it Made in the USA but that would restrict products to solely American made stuff and I have no issue with goods made in other countries aside from China. I would venture that the Chinese are probably starting up production facilities in other countries just so they can put Made in Taiwan or Made in Malaysia instead of Made in China. The Chinese aren't stupid, they know how much of an anti-China movement there is in the US. But they also know that Americans are deeply addicted to cheap, plasticky goods that may or may not poison our children. Just as long as they are cheap and we can buy a dozen of them.

Future posts regarding this new challenge will include stores that think this same way, website resources and other bits of info that I can pass along.

I'm sure this new challenge will make Christmas even more difficult than usual but its a fight worth fighting. Are you ready to take up the Ultimate Challenge? Leave a comment below and pledge your desire and willingness to attempt it!
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