I don't know what it is about this time of year but it feels like there's always some drama brewing, some people dying, something bad happening that makes one either thankful for what they do have or regretful for what they once had.
What I am thankful for this wet November morning?

Health - I am healthy, my wife is healthy, my kids are healthy, my dog is healthy and my cat is healthy. This is good stuff.

The Giants - 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants really just have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Plus there is news this morning that Aubrey Huff "Daddy", oh yes, he of Rally Thong fame, has re-signed with the Giants for 2 years with an option for the third. We are thankful!

Work - I have a job. I have a decent job that pays reasonably well and doesn't require filling out TPS reports but it does, on occasion, require me to utterly smash tech that won't cooperate.

Tea - we stopped drinking coffee a couple of months ago now and have switched to tea. Partly a health
thing and partly an experiment to see what life is like without the bitter brew.

Netflix - seriously, Netflix straight into our tv made it easy to cut the cable cord. And my boys and I have thoroughly enjoyed many of the shows and movies we've found. Most notably the Avatar: The Last Airbender animated series has been superb!

I'm not John McCain - I like to think of John McCain as the agitator in the washing machine, he throws himself in one direction with all his might and then switches direction and throws himself in the other direction and pretends like he's never gone in any other direction, until he switches and throws himself back in the other direction. He's a pathetic, flip-flopping old fool who's sold every last bit of respect and dignity he had to special interests, even his Stepford wife, Cindy, has come out and said he's wrong about Don't Ask, Don't Tell (I wonder if he smacked the sense back into her with the back of his hand or the front?).

We're Not Flying Anywhere - Who in their right mind thought Americans would just submit to having their genitals groped by minimum wage TSA stooges in the name of Security Theater? I hear the TSA is getting lots of applications from molesters and gropers, they've got practice and skills in copping a feel (all in the service of making sure that hot lady with the big rack isn't really a terrorist with a snuke or coochie bomb, of course).

Turkey, Pies and Football - I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving. There is turkey, there is football and there are pies. And tryptophan induced comas, gotta love those too!

Warm Blankets - Its cold outside and late, late. I'm going to call it a day. I've got a delicious gluten free apple pie cooling off for tomorrow. All is pretty darned good.
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