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It is exciting to take a photo that you think might be something special. Granted that most of the time there's something the detracts from the awesomeness you think you've just captured. That's what makes capturing awesomeness so awesome.

Part of our day off yesterday was spent out along Seacliff in Aptos. The boys rode their bikes from the now-defunct Cafe Rio all the way to the cement ship, The Palo Alto. We stopped in at the visitor center and found some really quite lovely treasures made by local artists (I have Christmas presents already knocked out for my mom and my wife!).

And, by the time we'd meandered our way back down to where we'd parked, the sun was low enough on the horizon to warrant hanging out for the sunset. While we waited, I demonstrated some superior rock skipping skills for my family, my kids were pretty sure I'm was a voodoo warlock by making the rocks jump across the water.

All the while, my wife and I are taking photos because of the dynamic lighting and the super dynamic subjects in our two boys. While they were trying to skip their own rocks, I happened to notice this photo opportunity. My wife was using my more powerful Canon SD 790IS but I still had my iPhone 4.

Photography is all about timing. One cannot just hit the button and expect greatness. But with shutter lag and the general slower performance of the iPhone over the dedicated Canon, this was still a surprise to have captured so freakin' perfectly!

It looked great on the phone and I was pretty sure that I had not only a keeper but a great photo. I needed to crop it down a little bit but this is almost straight as it was shot. And it has swiftly become one of my favorite photos I have EVER taken.

It is NOT the equipment. Photography and the creation of captured moments is about timing, seeing the moment a second or two before and being ready and then capturing it.

This photo is going to be with me for a long, long time. I am absolutely in love with it and am even more gacked out that its one I took!
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