Reality Can Be Sobering or a Wakeup Call

Why does it seem like Fall brings about a whole new host of fallen people along with the leaves dropping?

I can think of at least four people that I know or are good friends of people I know that have died in the last several weeks. Its a little disturbing and really sad to know that so many people in my circles are mourning losses.

Two mothers, a young father, a father in law.

The young father was a motorcyclist, like me. He was riding his V-Strom, like mine, home from his massage studio in Carmel to Aptos. There are some pretty bad parts of Highway 1 between Aptos and Monterey. Where Tim crashed and died is one such place.

It makes me sometimes really think about my decision to ride a motorcycle, my decision to take part in fairly dangerous mountain biking and other things that I do that make me happy but also expose me to risks. But it also makes me relish the time I do have, the time I get to spend with my little boys while they are still little.

We don't know how long we get to play around on this giant ball of rock. Life could end tomorrow, life could end in five minutes or life could end in 97 years. Its best to hedge your bets and get as much living in now while you can.

And its also invoked a renewed impetus to find a way out of the rat race that is a full-time job. I'm wasting the best years of my life working at a desk? Hell no, I need me an exit plan! And maybe some life insurance, yeah, definitely some life insurance.
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