New Word Monday!

I came up with my tenth new word since my last new word post and that means its time to drop them into the wild. As always, all new words get (eventually) cross posted to the Fictionarium where they are all kept nice and orderly. On to the new words! Pronunciation guides in parentheses where needed.

Awetumn - an awesome Fall season. Or possibly being in awe of Fall's beauty (think the changing leaves in Vermont).

Wrecklica - a replica of a wreck.

Fatographer - fat photographer or someone who specializes in photographing fat people (a growing segment!).

Barea - bare area.

Dontal Care - really bad dental care.

Couchebag - (cooch-bag) a douchebag who never gets up off the couch.

Computee - (comp-u-tee) someone who's had their computer removed.

Luberty - the freedom to use lube.

Flatina - a not very well endowed latina (flat chested).

Gridlocracy - a government stuck in gridlock by a minority of determined (though misguided) politicians. Hat to TheSchnack for coining Gridlocracy.

Let me know if any words particularly strike you. I've got a couple I like but I'm always interested to hear what appeals to others.
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