Hands Down, Rookie of the Yearrrrrrr!

Congratulations to Gerald "Buster" Posey for not only being a major part of the 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants success but he has also snagged the rather coveted National League Rookie of the Year award honors as well.

The title, for the few fans that haven't seen it yet, is a riff from Ashkon's absolute crushing of Don't Stop Believing. If you have not gone and listened/watched yet then you should go and do that now, you can come back here when you're done.

He is truly a man beyond his years. He carries himself like he's been playing in the majors his whole life. He's even keeled, he's humble, he's a team player and he's a 100% Giants giant.

Unlike the ridiculous Gold Glove awarded to Derek Jeter last week when it was clear that he wasn't even a top 5 Shortstop this season, the Rookie of the Year is incredibly hard to win because there are always some incredible talents coming up. And there is no inertia, there is no "He's won it before so he should win it again" bullshit like Jeter's Gold Glove. There is what he did on the field, what he meant to his team and his production.

Buster's main competition was Jason Heyward of the Atlanta Braves who had a stellar year for his first go-around in the bigs. But he also had alot more at-bats and barely edged out Posey in the stats. Heyward also plays an easier position in the outfield as compared to Buster catching one of, if not the, best pitching staffs in the majors.

At the end of the day, I'm extremely happy for Buster Posey and for all that means to the team. I'm looking forward to many years of seeing him calmly running the games behind the dish. In fact, can we just skip the off-season and start up with baseball now? I already miss it!

Black and Orange 'til I die! Indeed.
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