Cigarettes = Poison

What is wrong with this ad banner? Let's take a whack at it.

1. The crushed butt on the right looks like a butt complete with a crack in it.
2. Smoke healthy is an oxymoron. Smoke is poison. Smoking will kill you. Smoking these freakish electronic cigarettes is, in no way, shape or form, anything even resembling a good health choice.
3. Fuck you, my father died of lung cancer, this ad makes me miss my father and want to smack smokers right in the mouth and tell them "Fuck you, my dad died from those stupid little cancer sticks" but I generally don't.
4. The pack of "cigarettes" plugs into the wall. It requires electricity to function. Smoke and electricity are, generally speaking, a really bad combination that indicates you have some expensive purchases in your immediate future.
5. Smoking is nasty. People who smoke smell like ashes. Their breath is horrible and their clothes stink. Being around smokers makes me gag.
6. Nearly $20 for a pack of fake cigarettes?
7. There is simply no way to empty out the tobacco, mix it up with marijuana and pack it all back in there. It will not work. Besides, lighting up a plastic cigarette seems like a really great to get your recommended lifetime allowance of burning petrochemicals.
8. Seriously, smoking is gross. People who smoke think they look cool but they just look like idiots. And they smell bad.
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