An American Metaphor

Because I usually end up getting frustrated with the crappy radio stations around here and end up driving around in mostly silence, I think about stuff while I drive. Most of the time its reactive thoughts to what I've seen around me, like the lady with way too much makeup on driving too fast in the parking lot to not let me merge in. Her googly eyes of meanness as she raced past me combined with her clown makeup made me bust out laughing and keep laughing the entire rest of my trip.

And other times I think about things like what message someone sends by the vehicle they drive/ride. Which leads me to thinking about what a particular vehicle or brand might mean.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.

I propose that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the epitome of America.

Harley-Davidson - Fat, slow, loud, obnoxious, shiny, mostly sexist and over-priced.

Just the way America likes it. The super-sizier, the better, the louder and more annoying, the better, the shinier, the better, the more over-priced, the better, the more boy-clubbier, the better. The more look-at-me-ier, the better.

Not me. I enjoy riding my motorcycle but I also enjoy being able to not only see my toes but even reach down and touch them too. I also enjoy being able to zip through and around traffic. I also enjoy getting 40+ miles per gallon while ripping it up. I also enjoy paying less than $8k for a brand new motorcycle that will run circles around nearly any Harley on the road.

Hmm, maybe I'm not really an American? I should demand to see a copy of my birth certificate or something.
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